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Nostalgic romance of the past and moved living of the present, imperial treasures and musical high-flights connected with charm: Vienna simply offers more:
Vienna is old, Vienna is new: a contrast, which is shown most clearly in the middle in the old part of town. The 137 m high Stephansdom is reflected in the glass facade of the post modern "Haas Haus". Besides these both buildings offer a grandiose prospect over the roofs of the city.
Who wants to discover the close lanes and streets of the old part of town with style, should do this with a Fiaker:
The horse-pulled cars, guided of gentlemen with melon, swings with leisure over the stone-streets....
The existing of on the one hand strongly traditional, for instance for the Kaffeehäuser and the Heurigen, and on the other hand modern events like the Life ball or the Festival for electronic music, shows the feeling of life, which tourists today look for : An offer, which gives you the possibility to select at any time between romance or Action and stimulation.

Its special attractiveness owes Vienna however to the tension-rich connection of imperial-nostalgic Flair and high-creative culture scene, which offers the most current trends likewise as the responsible care of a precious inheritance and love-worth traditions.
Architecture from the Danube monarchy coins/shapes the appearance: Buildings of splendors from all epochs and the generous entire plant of the city let forget that it concerns the capital of the small, only 8 million inhabitant counting Republic of Austria - one schwelgt still in the romantic emperor city.
The inheritance of the Habsburger is present everywhere, in architecture and in the cultural tradition: You can follow the traces of the emperors in Schoenbrunn, the former summer residence of the Habsburger, just like in the Hofburg.
The many buildings from imperial time do not only make Vienna a city of full beauty and art: Museums, art-collections and works of art are found here. For instance the art-historical museum with the largest collection at Bruegel paintings, or the many works Gustav Klimts and Egon Schieles in the Austrian gallery Belvedere. Particularly up-to-date: Museumsquartier, since its completion in the middle of 2001 one largest culture complexes of Europe, with which Leopold museum, in which the Austrian modern trend is shown, and which museum of modern art, a cross section by international and Austrian art 20. Jhdts. shows.

City of the music with Lifestyle from cosy to trendy

The high value, which one always granted in Vienna of the art, promoted domestic creativity at each time and tightened stranger. 50 theatres, among them three opera houses and two musical stages, theatre renowned to 100 museums, - music and dance Festivals have to offer Vienna its guests. In addition there are here outstanding people, which make gladly and frequently ambitionierte exhibitions. All this provides the whole year over for an extraordinarily close program and makes Vienna a prominent maintenance and culture metropolis of Europe.
Vienna enjoys special call internationally as city of the music. At no other place of the world so many composers of world validity lived: of as for instance the Schubert born here, bunch, beautiful mountain, mountain up to those, which were Vienna homeland, like Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler u.v.a. The Viennese Philharmonics recount the Viennese Symphoniker and a number of further Viennese orchestras to the world point, them eifern. The Viennese state opera belongs internationally to the prominent houses, and except it the city accommodates still two further opera stages. The Viennese singer boys inspire music friends approximately around the globe. Apart from the classical music Vienna formed itself also as musical metropolis, and recent successes in the electronic music to show that one deals here also with most current sounds masterfully.


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